Visual Studio Code Extensions for Platform and DevOps Engineers

Visual Studio Code Extensions for Platform and DevOps Engineers

IDEs and code editors get better when they make developers feel comfortable. In this article, you will find extensions that I use as a platform/DevOps Engineer which makes the coding experience better. This list is for Visual Studio Code but some extensions can be found on other editors and/or IDEs too.

Capability Enhancers

Remote - SSH Extension Set

There is a set of Remote - SSH extensions by Microsoft when you download one, other needed ones are downloaded as well. This is a must-get extension if you work with remote servers or a local vagrant machine. It enables users to work with both terminal and all VS Code capabilities. Keep in mind though for some extensions you also need to install them on the remote server to use them.

Tabnine Autocomplete AI

This extension uses AI to make suggestions while doing changes. Tabnine has both free and paid versions but even the free version makes it less frustrating to do repetitive and simple changes. Tabnine works for all languages and does not collect information regarding your code according to here which is cool.

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

To me, this extension is a must. It colorizes matching brackets which lets me focus on necessary things.


Another must-get extension. This extension adds missing Git capabilities of VS Code.

Sort lines

Pretty self-explanatory. Helps a lot when needed.

Partial Diff

A good comparison tool always comes in handy. This one compares text selections within a file, across files, or to the clipboard.

Terraform doc snippets

As the name suggests, adds code snippets for Terraform.

Syntax Helpers

YAML extension by Red Hat

Lots of tools and frameworks for platform & DevOps engineers use YAML for configuration and even for coding like Ansible. Most syntax issues can be prevented with this extension. There are similar extensions for other formats like TOML and XML but you have to try and find the best one that suits your usage.

Better Jinja

Same as YAML this helps to prevent syntax fixes for jinja templates.


Adds syntax support for Terraform and Terragrunt configuration language.


Material Icon Theme

Material Design Icons for VS Code. Seeing familiar icons on the file navigation bar makes it nicer.

Thanks for checking out this article. Extensions definitely help a lot with developer experience. So give them a chance on your choice of text editors/IDEs.