Get Hands-on Cloud Experience with Google Cloud Skills Challenge

Get Hands-on Cloud Experience with Google Cloud Skills Challenge

I have been working on passing the Google Cloud skills challenge on Qwiklabs for a while now. I really appreciate how much effort put into this system. It is just the perfect playground for anyone who wants to get a hands-on cloud experience. All labs are executable in real demo environments.

Anyone can join the challenge from this page and get 1-month free access:

Here is a tip:

There are 2 different quest types in the platform.

1) Standard quests: All labs are explained and documented well where you can execute every single step by following the related guide. e.g.:

2) Skill quests: Mostly the same as standard but includes a final lab which only explains the goal where you have to figure out the solution. I highly recommend taking skill quests mostly. A skill quest usually takes around a full day to complete but teaches a lot. e.g. :

I have finished the following skill quests so far: Automating Infrastructure on Google Cloud with Terraform

Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud:

There is a lot of labs from different areas like data analytics, native app deployment, machine learning, and so on. So give it a chance to see how different areas work in cloud.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions about how Qwiklabs works, feel free to reach out!